WHY 22?


“Miss Steph and her team of teachers are wonderful! My daughter's confidence has improved greatly since she started here last fall. We have tried other places, and classes but she just never clicked. Here she has found a home, she loves going to class weekly.” -CC

“I cannot say enough amazing things about this studio & the huge impact Miss Stephanie & all the teachers have had on my daughter’s self-confidence. There are a million dance studios but only one Studio 22.” -TM

“Absolutely love studio 22! My daughter had so much fun in her tiny tots class the teachers and helpers are so incredibly patient with the little ones! Mila can not wait for classes to start back up in September.” -JM

“My daughter absolutely loves being apart of the studio 22 family.. Miss Stephanie along with the other amazing dance teachers have taught her so much and continue to help her with her dancing and her confidence. Seeing abigail grow in the last few years as a dancer makes my heart full.. I congratulate you Stephanie for all your hard, dedicated work and I also thank you for how amazing you and your studio is to all these amazing little dancers.” -BL

“Thank you Studio 22! Miss Stephanie is amazing. She treats each student and parent with kindness and respect. We came from a large studio where my daughter was just a number but here she is known by name and has flourished. The instructors truly care and help your child enhance their dance skills. I am so glad we made the switch. Feeling 22!” -LC

“In September my kids will be entering into their 3rd year with Studio 22. My girls are young and enjoy dance probably more than anything. Their faces light up when they drive by "their Studio". They squeal when we park and they are about to get out of the car and head in for a dance lesson. They have built friendships and bonds with kids in their classes and other members of the competitive team. They play dance competition daily at home! All of this magic and all of this joy is a direct result of the atmosphere in the studio which was very deliberately created by Miss Stephanie. Thank you Miss Stephanie for teaching my girls more than a love and skill for dance. Thank you for being a fantastic example of grace, respect and good sportsmanship.” -AK

“Stephanie and her team know how to make every student feel like a very important and special part of the studio family, while sharing their amazing talent and choreography skills to make each student shine!” -LA

“I love that at Studio 22 dance is the focus! I love that Miss Stephanie has a goal to know every kids' name that attends her dance company. I love that kids learn the value of hard work and personal bests. I love that Miss Stephanie can see potential that other people can't and finds a way to make that potential into realistic and attainable goals. I love that Miss Stephanie gets that dance can be an expensive endeavour and finds ways to support parents in keeping costs low so all kids can learn and share in the joy of dance. I love the team Miss Stephanie has created with teachers that love the kids and dance as much as she does. I love that my husband has found his inner dancer and is able to join in the magic at Studio 22 in the dad's dance!” -AK

“What a positive dance environment!! Miss Stephanie knows how to work with the dancers to bring out their strengths and abilities. She has a happy and positive disposition which reflects in everything she does. She is a hard worker and puts her heart and soul into the studio and each one of her dancers.” -AD

“This is my daughters first year of dance, tinytots. Miss Sarah has made it so fun!! My daughter LOVES going to dance class. Now its recital time and my daughters costume was to small! Miss Stephanie has been a rockstar ordering not 1 but 2 costume for her so she fits in with the rest of her friends on stage. I am super impressed. 5 stars from us for sure!!” -AS

“Incredible- no dance mom nonsense- pure respect and encouragement. Work hard, play hard, repeat. Ms Stephanie is incredible- her hand picked support team are second to none. Highly recommended.” -AM

“This is a wonderful dance studio and my daughter adores coming. Stephanie is amazing with the kids and truely cares about them and teaching them. I'm so happy we found this school.” -LG

“I am so excited for this new season! The director and teachers are amazing. My daughter is shy and has finally found a place that makes her feel comfortable and excited to go.” -KF

“An amazing director & teacher with the passion for dance & caring for her students. Miss Stephanie is amazing.” LB

“The best dance school.. excellent teachers and a fun atmosphere.. My niece excelled as a dancer under the expertise of her teachers.” -DS

“Stephy is the most beautiful soul and best person to have in your child's life! She will 100% bring out the best in your kids. I love teaching here and hanging out with our dance family.” -CL

"My two daughters just started at Studio 22 Dance Company this year and I was amazed at the talent they showed during their very first recital.   In fact, the talent from all the children in the recital was amazing!  I was always a bit apprehensive about letting them take dance class but with so many positive recommendations about this studio I signed them up and I am happy I did.  Miss Stephanie and Miss Maddie are wonderful dance teachers, always full of enthusiasm, passion, and positivity.  They always came home from class happy, excited, and feeling great about themselves.  Thank you for creating a space for them to gain self-confidence, have fun, and learn to dance.  We are looking forward to being apart of this amazing studio again next year!" -JP

"Hi my name is Abby, 
I am a competitive dancer here at Studio 22 and this is my third year dancing here. I came from a large studio where I didn’t feel that I fit in and didn’t feel happy and then I cue to Studio 22 and as nervous as I was there was something so welcoming about it . The moment that I came in I was greeted by a few girls who introduced themselves to me and made me feel comfortable. It is such a chill environment full of extraordinary dancers who share the same interest and you never feel alone . I have met so many wonderful girls and here that I call my friends that I trust. But there would be no Studio 22 without Steph and all the other teachers that truly give it there all to teach us to better ourselves as dancers and we make a bond together that is so heart warming that we call the studio a home away from home. I would never go to a different studio because Studio 22 makes me feel excepted ,happy and excited to put on my tap shoes and dance and seeing my parents smile so much after a performance is so rewarding thanks to this studio. So I don’t know about u but I’m feeling 22!!!! And I’ll never go back!" -AC

"Studio 22 is a positive and wonderful environment for dancers to grow. The warmth, care and love by the teachers makes it such a nice place to be. I was skeptical about having my daughter dance again as she danced at another studio in the past and said she hated dance. Miss Stephanie saw something in my daughter and encouraged her to join. My daughter is now in her 3rd year at the studio and says "Dance makes me happy!" Miss Stephanie and all the teachers there have encouraged her growth, along with the other dancers, to make it a special place to dance. They get to know each dancer personally as well as their families which makes you fell welcome and part of the Studio 22 family." -AD

“My daughter has been dancing more than 13 years and Studio 22 her 3. studio to dance with ;stuff and owner Stephanie are amazing people I've never she them without smiling they so good with the kids..Most but not lost my daughter never been happier before:) Thank you studio 22” -SK

“Great dance studio. Stephanie the owner is an amazing teacher and is so good to the kids. Treats all the students like family. It's our 4th year with this studio and my daughter loves it.” -HW

“Studio 22 is an absolutely amazing dance studio that nourishes the confidence and self-esteem of all its dancers. We are so happy we found it!” -TM

“Quality instructions and a supportive and inclusive environment.”-KT

“We have been part of the Studio 22 family for 2 years. First let me say that miss Stephanie and her staff are amazing. They see your child as a unique individual and encourage and challenge them throughout the season. We have participated in both the recreational and competitive programs and there is a very significant difference between our previous studio and this one. We feel like more than a number and are glad we made the switch! Feeling 22!” -LC